The Magic behind the Magic Bullet

One of the top selling items on is the Magic Bullet Suppository. Many similar products out on the market are oil based, but the Magic Bullet is a water soluble bisacodyl made from Polyethylene Glycol. This seemingly minor yet important change in the product makeup has a significant impact on bowel stimulation.  Anyone who has ever had to use laxatives, especially those with spinal cord injuries (SPI), knows that time is of the essence.

Magic Bullet.jpgHere is the science:  The oil in an oil-based laxative must melt before the bisacodyl can start working. In a water-based product, like the Magic Bullet, the laxative begins working within minutes. The medicine is activated by the body’s own moisture shortly after the product is inserted.

The chemical makeup of bisacodyl consists of 3 benzene rings with hydroxyl groups. Therefore, it has been suggested these rings allow a water soluble laxative to achieve quicker dispersion and greater potency of the medicine on moist mucosal membranes1.

When administered rectally in a water based solution, bisacodyl acts within three minutes to stimulate bowels. Oil based solutions often require an extended waiting period to begin working and can cause mucous irritation1.

In a clinical study comparing the oil based products to the water based product, the following findings were reported1:

  • In 26 discrete subjects, those with the water based product reported an average activation period between of 10-16 minutes while those with the oil based reported 37- 43 minutes.

Still not convinced? Check out our customer reviews. Most have been using the Magic Bullet for years, rave how fast it works, and would recommend this product to a friend.

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