What do the holidays mean to you? Do you do the Clark W. Griswold thing and spend a month decorating, invite the entire family over for Christmas dinner, sing carols and buy gifts for everyone you know? Do you spend romantic evenings alone with your significant other, drinking eggnog by the fire and give just that one special gift? Or do you spend the whole month of December alone, avoiding crowds, ignoring sales, and scrooging it up with no one but your trusty cat? Whatever your pleasure this holiday season, our Guide to Surviving the Holidays may just help get you through - with gift ideas, items for your home, travel products
and more.

Holiday Travel

Traveling during the holidays may not be easy, and may not even be fun. It is sometimes though, one of those necessary evils we all have to endure. Make things easier on yourself with our travel products! Like our Bed Rail Advantage Traveler & Car Caddy Bundle which includes a convenient Car Caddie hand strap to ease getting in and out of the car, plus a bonus portable bedrail to make it easier to get in and out of bed. Both products are available in a single package for only $49.99 - way cheaper than throwing out your back or falling.

Having trouble getting Great-Grandma in and out of that low to the ground sports car or gigantic SUV? Help her out - it’s your great grandma for crying out loud. Check out the Handybar 3-in1 Car Aid to help get in and out of the car safely. This little handle hooks to the door jam of the car to safely create a handle to help steady the user while climbing in or out of a car. Once safely in the vehicle you simply lift the handle off in seconds. Simply reattach when you need to use it again. It is also a safely tool that can be used in case a fast exit from the vehicle is needed. These make great gifts and should be in every car.

Believe it or not some people still don’t wear seatbelts, even when most states have “Click it or Ticket Laws”. Come on folks; don’t make me nag you. Let’s buckle up for safety so we all have a great holiday travel season to remember for years. If you or somebody you know is in this group because they are uncomfortable you need the Car Seat Belt Cushion. This cover will go over the lap or shoulder portion of the belt to create a comfy cushion for an offending area. For seat belts to work properly and provide the correct protection they should be adjusted correctly and snug. This little cover could really help you protect yourself and avoid a potential ticket. This is also a great gift for anybody that needs to travel that might find a seat belt uncomfortable including pregnant women and anybody recovering from injury or surgery.

Does anybody need a little help around the house, airport, or shopping mall? Allegro Medical also has many wheelchair options available for those that need a little extra help. The Fold ‘N Away Transport Chair has a funny sounding name, but this chair is easy to fold, store, and carry and will come in handy whether used in the home or while traveling by car or airplane.

All of these products help make it a little easier to get from point A to Point B, but don’t forget the little things around the house that will make a visit much more convenient and safe. Allegro has many daily living aids available to make your life and travel easier.

Here’s one more product to consider in order to keep from losing your sanity on a long trip. Ever get tired of those noises from the backseat like “are we there yet” or “Mom, Jimmy’s touching me”. After about a thousand times of hearing this even the most rock steady parent will resort to the proverbial “if I hear one more peep out of the backseat we’re turning around and going home!”. Don’t let that happen. Hook the young ones up with a 7” Widescreen Portable DVD Player for just $99. It even has a headphone jack to allow them to watch their favorite DVD movie cartoons for the millionth time without driving you nuts. It’s a win-win in the car!

Guest-Proof Your Home

Let’s face it, people carry germs. Cousin Larry who invited himself to stay with you this year may just bring his cold with him, and what are you to do? Keep some hand sanitizer handy, in every room in the house. Also, stock up on the multi-vitamins so that you have immunity to whatever walks through your door. And to make Larry feel better, a heating pad or some light therapy may ease his symptoms.

Unfortunately, cousin Larry also has a bladder control problem. Your bed will be safe though, with a waterproof mattress cover. Being the true host that you are also means stocking up on adult pads for Larry, something he always appreciates.

A first aid kit is a necessity at holiday time – you never know when Santa’s going to wreck his sleigh and need medical attention. Seriously, be prepared for burns, cuts, reindeer bites, and anything else that could possibly happen. If you have a first aid kit, you may want to check the contents. Always make sure you keep first aid supplies well-stocked.

Since your cousin’s arthritis often flares up in the winter, a shower chair will make showering much easier during his stay. So will grab bars installed by the toilet and in the shower. Some are temporary and don’t even require tools for installation!

And finally, between the holiday cooking, all the scented candles and Larry’s cigar smoking, sometimes the odors just take over. Eliminate odors with room deodorizer.

Holiday Cooking

Did you know we have over 500 houseware products? That’s right. Get a new toaster oven for oven overflow when cooking big meals, or just a ton of toast on those holiday season mornings. We have great pricing on stylish, brand name blenders, coffeemakers,and cappuccino machines.

And cutlery, did you say? Save on hundreds of chef’s tools and knives for holiday carving, slicing, flipping and spooning. Keep eating right this season, and avoid all the tempting cookies and cakes. Get a juicer!

Has your food processor lost its chop? Get yourself a new one. And, when you’re out shopping all day, working, or doing the typical holiday runaround the last thing you want to do is go home and cook, am I right? Make life easy, and throw a bunch of stuff in a new slow cooker before you leave for the day. Make chili, stew or chicken and vegetables. When you get home, all you have to do is dish up your simple masterpiece.
If you’re like me and your ovenware has disappeared over the years (taken to work for pot luck and left in the fridge for a month), dropped and broken (again…cousin Larry), or was permanently borrowed by one of your neighbors (who knows which one?), maybe it’s time to replace it all with a nice, new set. And by the way, all of these products make great gifts for the cook in your life!


It’s not only the cookies and pies or gravy and stuffing that contribute to weight gain over the holidays. Stress, plus fewer workouts overall, and a lack of time to cook well balanced meals make it harder to keep the pounds at bay. Stay fit through the holidays. Take the time to work out at least as often as you usually do, and even more if you plan on indulging in holiday treats.

Yoga is proven to increase agility, longevity and overall health. We have mats, blocks, dvds and everything you need to start a yoga routine, or continue the one you have. If you’re traveling over the holidays, don’t let your body suffer! Aquabells and exercise balls are brilliant for travel because they fold up nicely. When you arrive at your destination, simply fill the Aquabells with water, and you have instant hand weights. Fill the exercise ball with air and you have another fabulous workout tool. Of course, they both work at home too, and they make great stocking stuffers! Medicine balls are once again all the rage for their versatility and training possibilities.

Thinking of adding a new cardio machine to your repertoire? We have pedlars and bikes, in all price ranges and types. Or, if the elliptical or treadmill is more your speed, see our selection. And for instructions on a large range of exercise and fitness techniques, check out our list of books and DVDs. We have information on everything from tai chi to power eating to exercising during pregnancy. Whatever works for you, stay on top of the exercise and fitness this holiday season, with help from Allegro.

Speaking of Gifts

Come to Allegro’s Gift Ideas section, for all the things you haven’t thought of, but love to give! And we make it easy to find what you want, and stay within your budget. Our gift guide is divided by $ amount, as well as gender, and even age! Find something for your teen, baby, mom or dad, with ease!

Gifts under $50

The Handybar is a convenient handle to assist in getting out of the car that triples as an emergency seat belt cutter and window breaker.

Grandma having trouble with those tiny buttons on all her remote controls? Combine them into one remote that will never get lost! Our big button universal remote is great for those with vision trouble or anyone tired of the remote control juggle.

Everyone loves a good massage. Choose from a variety of massagers

Kids love Body Sox. Body Sox are fun suits that encourage abstract movement and creativity in a colorful way.

Lex Loops exercise rings are all the rage this season. They offer great muscle resistance for leg exercises that tone and strengthen. A perfect gift for the fitness fanatic on your list.

Your favorite golfer will dig this – the “bionic” glove that improves grip and torque through science, taking the game to a new level.

Gifts $50-$100

Give the gift of good sleep! The chillow pillow system, better sleep pillow, or anti-snore pillow can improve alignment, comfort and more to make sleep more restful.

Make your loved ones feel more independent with a new rollator. Choose our pink breast cancer awareness rollator, and $10 will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Or, make getting up easier, with a lifting cushion. Turns any seat into a lift chair!

Someone you know can start their own poker night with a new poker set. Sets contain 500 pro style chips, cards, and a deluxe case.

Try a fitness kit for the person in your life who’s looking for a new kind of workout. A pilates kit or bodyblade kit can give them just the boost their workout needs – and for less than $100!

Gifts over $100

Know a new or soon-to-be-mom? Get her the ultimate mobicam baby monitoring system for less at Allegro. Wireless, handheld color monitor has clear picture and sound. Buy now and receive free shipping!

Give the swimmer in your life the gift of music! The underwater mp3 player gives crystal clear sound. 35mb capacity, Windows and Mac compatible. And it’s safe for the user!

Been wanting one of those digital photo frames? Get one for the photo lover on your list, and pick one up for yourself too! There are tons tons of styles for $150 or less.

What’s the ultimate gift for a parent who’s not getting around so well? An electric scooter! Indulge in a 3 or 4 wheel model. It will change the life of its owner.

Various Fabulous Gifts

What, didn’t think Allegro Medical would have the chainsaw you were looking for? Well guess what! Choose from gas or electric, and wrap that up with a new blower or outdoor trimmer. Visit our yard equipment sub-category.

Get the kid in your life a pedal car! Choose from fire trucks, Cadillacs, roadsters and hot rods. And don’t forget the little red wagon!

Enjoy your shopping. Allegro wishes you peace, love and joy this holiday season!