All of us at Allegro Medical would like to thank you and wish you the cheeriest of Holiday joy this season. We had a great 2007 with you and we look forward to a great and successful 2008.

During 2007, we’ve unveiled many new technologies and enhancements to make your user experience a bit more enjoyable. If simplicity and trust were the names of the game, we worked hard to get at and stay on top of your list. We understand you were busy and we wanted to make sure we were there for you when you needed us with the utmost product offerings, easy website use and navigation, competitive prices and invaluable customer support. We even added an Auto Re-Order function to benefit those customers requiring uninterrupted shipments of essential medical supplies and consumable products such as diabetic test strips, catheters, dietary supplements and wound care supplies. We also added a Shop by Condition as well as a Shop by Body Part feature enabling you to click on a problem area on our webpage corresponding to yours with a list of results and remedies, but that’s not the greatest part of it all: we’re still improving and will continue to do so to enhance your client experience with us. We want to make sure that each year will be even better than the last one. In 2008 you’ll see constant improvement in ease of use and more of what you need offered at less than what you’ll see anywhere else.

Again we wanted to thank you for your support and we look forward to hearing from you in 2008.

The Allegro Medical Family