One thing I know for sure about resolutions is that they don't work unless you do two things first: 

1.  Break 'em down; and

2.  Make a plan. 

Here's an example:  Let's say you resolve to be a better athlete, have a better body, or "get stronger" this year.  Those alone are not resolutions that will bear fruit.  Besides being too vague, they are "results" rather than "actions".  So, let's break it down and make a plan.

Improving the strength of your "core" - your abdomen and back - will make you stronger and more toned (and make those back problems disappear).  Breaking it down even further, if you improve your balance, you'll strengthen your core and add speed and agility to the equation.  So, improving your balance = strengthening your core = having a better, more toned, athletically superior body.  See?  Now you just need to get a plan.  Read up on balance, check out some balance products.  Get them.  Set aside some time everyday to use them.  Believe me, you'll know when you are improving.  You'll stop falling off the dang balance trainer when you try to stand on it.  Before you know it, you're stronger, you've maybe lost some weight, you're faster and you feel better.  If you play sports, you'll notice a distinct edge over your opponents when it comes to flexibility, agility and speed.

Moving on.  Here are some other examples of resolutions that work:

  • Lose Weight.  If you want the end game to be weight loss, then think about what is causing you to keep the weight on.  Break it down and get a plan.  Drink a lot of soda pop?  Cut it out and replace it with a flavored, unsweetened water.  Can't control your portions?  Go on a plan that measures them for you - Jenny Craig or NutriSystem for example.  Can't stop eating sugar?  Go without any carbs/sugar for 48 hours and your cravings will be pretty much gone.  Then follow a low sugar plan.  Research, prepare, plan and do.  And one more thing about weight loss...  go slow.  Lose the first 2 lbs. and go from there.  Don't say "I need to lose 20 lbs, or 50 lbs., or even 10".  Say, "I need to lose 2"... and then 2 more, and then 5 more, etc. 


  • Get in Shape.  Many of you will go out and buy a gym membership in the next couple weeks, thinking that is going to make you get in shape.  Not so.  Think about who you are and where you are and how you like to spend your time.  If there's a good chance that you won't get to the gym because of proximity or time constraints, then you're already doomed.  Start simple instead.  My gym closed a few years ago and I decided to just work out the old fashioned way at home.  I got some hand weights (I use them while watching TV) and some Therabands, a Fitball, some Yoga, Cardio and Pilates gear, along some good walking and hiking shoes and now I can do my routines without worrying about getting to the gym.  There are all kinds of exercise/fitness products to use at home.  You can even put together your own home gym.  The thing is, you have to have a plan.  I do a quick 15 minute Yoga routine morning and night and I always take a walk.  That is the very least every day.  Other than that, I like to do the Pilates mat routines on the weekends along with hiking (or cardio if it's too cold out).   Get a friend or significant other to walk with you.  Todd is a great inspiration to me.  He pushes me to hike and bike, and I push him to stretch and meditate.  What a team.


  • Get a Life.  If you're watching too much TV, not expanding your mind or learning, or maybe you're not socializing enough then you probably should get a life.  Break it down.  What do you love?  What do you watch on TV?  These will give you hints as to how you can get a life.  If you love to travel then you should plan a trip, learn a language, take classes to prepare for an adventure (SCUBA certification, sailing, trekking).  If you love the cooking channel then get your bottom to a cooking class, or take a course online and be a gourmet chef at home.  Anything you enjoy thinking about or dreaming of can become part of your world.  Want to join a rock band?  Get a Wii!  Then besides playing the guitar you can fish, drive race cars, play tennis, improve your memory, work out... a million things.  Do you love pets?  Become a foster parent to your favorite breed or volunteer at an aminal shelter.  Love kids?  Become a scout leader, a Big Brother or Big Sister, read to kids at the library, rock babies at a local nursery.  Want to learn to sew?  Check out local classes and get going.  Just do it.  It's addictive.  I've taken classes on caligraphy, stamp making,  SCUBA, painting, scrapbooking, sewing, Spanish, Italian, Yoga and more.   This year we're going to take sailing lessons.  In Phoenix there are classes and groups for absoultely every interest.  If your town doesn't have a group that you'd like to belong to...start one!

What ever it is that you resolve to do this year, you can do it!!  Did you know that spending only an hour per day on something, anything, will make you an "expert" within 2 years?  Think what you can get done in just one year.

I hope you have an excellent New Year.  Thanks, as always, for being an Allegro customer. 

If you have a resolution to share, along with a breakdown and a plan, please leave a comment!   Good luck.