Shopping for Babies and Kids

The world of baby products is vast, and it takes constant research and information sifting for pregnant women and moms to keep up with it. All the info influx - the product reviews, parenting magazines, books and blogs can be overwhelming, and they often contradict each other. Expensive trends can also sway new parents into spending more than is necessary on baby gear. Parents have to make decisions on what they can afford, what their babies really need, and what is going to truly be helpful to them in raising a healthy, happy child.

Some of the best sources of information on baby products and taking care of infants are other moms, friends, family, and even our own mothers (though if you plan on spending $900 on a trendy new stroller, don't expect your mother to automatically be on board). Tried and true methods of taking care of babies are usually the best. Listen to what other mothers have to say, and it will often ring true when you try it for yourself.

What to Buy, What Not to Buy

Most new moms don't know what type of breastfeeding pillow they will need, or if their child will like being carried in a sling, or which song is going to make him fall right to sleep, until they give different things a try. Babies will respond to some things and not others. Your best bet as a parent is to gather information and make informed decisions on what you hear and read, and what products you can afford. You and your baby will find what works best for you.

Our Maternity Care and Children / Pediatrics product categories offer a wide array of products for all kinds of kids, at great prices to help both new and experienced parents.

Children and Pediatrics
Allegro has childcare necessities - from nutrition to toys to car seats and cribs, in stock and at great prices. Looking for a gift for a new baby? We have everything a new mom needs.


Baby gates are important to steer little ones in the right direction. Keep your children away from stairs, or keep them confined to certain spaces, with the right gate for your home. Worried about Jr.'s head getting caught between those rails? Get the Railnet, perfect for indoor or outdoor balconies or gates your child may try to squeeze through.

The right car seat will keep your child safe and comfortable, while giving you peace of mind. Choose a seat for newborns, for toddlers, or a convertible seat that will take your child all the way to 40 pounds.
For older children, Allegro has booster seats and car seats available to keep them safe to the federal regulation height of 4'9".

Premature babies can be transported more safely in a car bed, designed to keep their bodies snug and secure.

Travel easily with your baby and a portable crib. Folds flat for travel and takes up less space than a regular crib. And for home, a convertible crib will take your child from infant through the toddler years. Worried about insects or pets? Get a crib tent. Your child is protected, and can still see and hear outside the crib.

Childproof your home with safety products that are sure to keep baby out, and keep all his little parts away from household danger. Outlet covers, furniture corner cushions, window blind cord covers, oven locks, cabinet locks and much more can be delivered right to you.

Baby monitors are important for the safety of your child, and for your own peace of mind. Have the freedom to move about your home and keep an eye on your baby at the same time. Choose from handheld or larger screen monitors, or a simpler, less expensive audio system.

Baby Gifts

Send gifts to the new mother in your life, direct to her door for less from Allegro. Browse through our audio or audio/video baby monitor systems, car seats, strollers, bike trailers and swings, from great brands you can trust. Or, get her something she doesn't even know she needs like the Bumbo Seat, our most popular baby product. It safely keeps children 3 months to 16 months seated upright and comfortable, and is completely portable. Or, how about an indoor/outdoor play yard with a protective net to keep out bugs and pets? Whatever your new mom needs, get all your baby gifts at Allegro for less.

Nutrition and Exercise

It's not always easy to ensure your child gets the proper nutrition. The right baby formula can provide properties similar to breast milk, including lipil, which contains the fatty acids that build brain and eye function. If your child has food intolerances or allergies, choose a supplement that provides nutrition without adverse reactions. And if you have a colicy baby, hypo-allergenic formula can sooth his symptoms. Find the right formula for your baby, low priced and delivered to you, from Allegro.

For children who are not getting proper nutrition due to illness, gastro-intestinal issues, inability to eat and more, supplements can help lead them to a more healthy life. Talk to your pediatrician about the proper supplements for your child.

Fight obesity, so common in America's children today, with a regular exercise and activity program for your children. For fun body and movement exploration, Body Sox are great for kids of all ages. Just put one on your child and see how creative he can be! And don't forget the instructional video.

Wrist or ankle weights can not only help your child to recuperate from an injury. They can add resistance to simple exercises, and build endurance and strength. Start your child pedaling early with a pedal car, tricycle or scooter. And don't forget the helmet!

Are there Exercise balls for kids? Sure, and they're a lot of fun. The hippity hop ball will have your child hopping all over the house, or the Rock n' Rody rocking horse will provide hours of fun for your toddler. Foam and air filled balls are great for exercise and for play, for learning hand/eye coordination and motor skills. Allegro has child size, air-filled exercise balls, and foam or Slo Mo balls, which are easy to grip and never require air. Since they move about more slowly, your child can learn exercises and movements easily and quickly.

Health and Diagnosis

Check your baby's growth at home with a digital scale, and a measuring mat. Also, when reporting symptoms to your pediatrician, it helps to have a home otoscope kit. Contains everything you need to see eye, ear, nose and throat issues more clearly.

Take baby's temperature more easily with the thermometer pacifier. Just 90 seconds in baby's mouth gives a clinically accurate, digital readout, without the child even knowing what's happening. And, keep track of baby's temperature constantly with the fever monitor which beeps when baby's temperature rises one degree.

Get ostomy supplies for children at Allegro. Products are child sized and meant for active little bodies.

Educational Aids

What is the best way to promote learning outside of school? Make learning fun! Electronic, interactive educational toys featuring your child's favorite characters can get them learning before they even get to preschool, and keep them learning on the weekends and during summer vacation.

Children with autism and other learning disabilities need special education, and you can help your special needs child at home with educational aids.

Modular and Light Therapy

Therapy programs for children with special needs and those that suffer from illness can make a world of difference. As directed by professionals, these products can help the child and his or her caregiver and parents, to lead easier and more comfortable lives.

Pedal systems can help children develop motor skills and balance, and help those needing rehabilitation from surgery or accidents.

Potty seats for young children and those with special needs can help position them correctly, and encourage them to go. Positioning chairs will keep a functionally impaired child or a child in therapy sitting upright, provide head control, and allow freedom of movement. Also get stable seating with adjustable benches, perfect for therapists and caregivers who are rehabilitating children, or those teaching children to sit and stand up.

For help in the bath, a bath seat provides stability and restraint where needed, while allowing for play. Available for children of all ages and sizes.

Modular seating systems for children with cerebral palsy, neurological and motor dysfunction can help as part of therapy programs, at home or at care facilities. Ideal for a variety of positions and functions.

Tumble Forms Bolster Rolls are adaptive positioning shapes that (in their simplicity) are used to create postural challenges during therapy. They are great for stretching, rehabilitation and various exercise techniques for adults and children.

Versatile therapy wedges are for both fine and gross motor skills development. They are adaptable to your child's growth and changing therapeutic needs. Or, strap wedges provide additional positioning control with wide straps that hold the torso in place.

Seating, Positioning and Standing

Floor sitters for special needs children of all ages and sizes provide secure, comfortable seating during relaxation, play and interaction. Choose from several styles, in 2 and 3 piece models, which include a feeder seat (originally created for feeding), a wedge to securely position the seat, and optional base to secure the wedge on the floor. Made of durable material that is easy to clean.

Children's chaises are not only good for the bath and shower. Take your child to the beach and reduce your worry about his safety. Straps and comfort headrests keep him in place.

To keep your child in a therapeutic, safe or comfortable position, a positioning pillow may be what you need. Provides support for particular body parts, or the entire body, depending on the pillow. Semi permanent positioning pillows allow you to place the body or part of the body on the pillow, let it mold around the body, then suck out the air with a vacuum. The pillow will remain in this exact position until you decide to change it.

Get the most versatile children's chair there is -- it starts as a high chair that can be pushed right up to your table, and will be used by your child at the dinner table and beyond, into his teens! Contemporary style and solid wood form. Allegro also has other name brand high chairs at great prices!

Baby and children's seats make it convenient for parents to watch their children and know they are safe and secure. One lightweight toddler seat (with a carry handle) is 5" high on one side, and 7" high on the other, so it can be used as your child grows. The Bumbo Seat safely seats a child approximately 3 to 16 months old, and can be placed anywhere! It works with baby's posture and helps him to develop trunk control. Add the tray for toys and snacks.

Your special child may be using standing therapy. If you need a stander, we offer a variety for children of various heights and weights. Standing can be very beneficial for disabled children's self esteem, and physical well being.

Strollers, Walkers, Wheelchairs

Allegro has the right stroller for your child. Keep jogging, and bring the baby along with a jogging stroller, or try a 2-in-1 that can be attached to the back of your bike as a trailer.

Pushchairs for special needs children, adolescents and teens are important investments. Your child should be comfortable and safe, and the chair should fit your lifestyle while allowing the child to be as active as possible. Compare our prices. Check out our pushchairs and accessories for your child.

Walkers and crawling aids for children with developmental delays, cerebral palsy and other special needs can make all the difference in their mobility for life. Find the walker for your child at Allegro.

A child's wheelchair needs to work with his or her individual lifestyle, while fitting the home, transportation and surroundings, and will grow with the child as long as possible. The right wheelchair will help a child's confidence, allowing people to see the child, not the chair.