Tired of Messy Hands? Try a Pre-lubricated Ready-to-Use Catheter from Cure Medical

Tired of Messy Hands? Try a Ready-to-Use Cure Catheter.

If you’re sick and tired of having messy hands every time you self-cath, you’ll be thrilled to know there are better options available. Cure Medical offers several kinds of intermittent catheters that you can use without the drip, kinks or mess!

Known as pre-lubricated or ready-to-use intermittent catheters, the Cure Ultra® for men and women and the Cure Twist®; for women are convenient and discreet but most importantly, they don’t require applying sticky gobs of lubrication before using.

When you opt for a pre-lubricated Cure catheter, you’ll have less hassle and clean-up after self-cathing, and you won’t touch your catheter as much before using it.

UTIs and other infections happen more frequently when a less-than-clean technique is used. That’s another advantage of a ready-to-use Cure catheter --  you are less likely to contaminate it while applying lubricant.  Just open it and go!

Here’s what people are saying about their experience with the wildly-popular, pre-lubricated Cure Ultra and Cure Twist catheters.


The Cure Ultra® for men features a proprietary CoverAll™ application process for even distribution of lubricant over the catheter as it is removed from the package – making it ready-to-use with ultra-low resistance as you self-cath.

Additionally, it includes a unique gripper sleeve for increased ease of use. The Cure Ultra for men is available with straight and coude tips, and is offered in 16” length, 8FR -18FR.

The Cure Ultra is a wonderful option for people who have limited hand dexterity too,  as the gel used in the Ultra weighs much less than the water used to lubricate other hydrophilic catheters, making a case significantly lighter to carry or pick up.

If you have limited hand dexterity, or less upper body mobility, consider the Cure Ultra® as a lighter, easier-to-transport alternative to your current hydrophilic catheter.

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If you like catheters that resemble make-up, or a marker, you’ll love the sterile, single use, Cure Twist® intermittent catheter! Similar in look to that of small cosmetics, the Cure Twist® is preferred by women who value discretion and convenience.

Ready-to-use means the Cure Twist won’t make your hands messy, you can just cath and go!

The Cure Twist features an easy, twist open top and polished eyelets on a pre-lubricated straight tip that allows for ‘No Drip/No Mess’ cathing. It is offered with a universal funnel end for maximum compatibility with drainage solutions, and is available in French sizes 8-16.

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If you’re looking for more reasons to love Cure Catheters®, we don’t blame you! With price-friendly products, all Cure Medical intermittent catheters are made with smooth polished eyelets for maximum quality and comfort.

Also, Cure Medical stands out as the only intermittent catheter maker in the world that donates 10% of net income from every Cure Catheter® sold to fund medical research programs in pursuit of a cure for paralysis.

You can also rest easy in knowing that Cure Catheters® are not made with scary chemicals, especially chemicals like DEHP, DINP or BPA that are known to the state of California to cause cancer and sterilization in men.

If you are currently using a catheter made with these chemicals, consider Choosing a Cure instead!

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