Top 5 Wound Care Products

Wound care is rather a complex topic especially for the aging population. Wounds can be caused by diseases that cause skin integrity issues or from accidents resulting in injury. In our aging population, chronic ulcers are a frequent concern related to diseases such as diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, and limited mobility. If you are suffering from a wound, or caring for an individual with a wound, you should always consult a medical specialist for the best treatment options and procedures. Healing of ulcers takes time and proper supplies. While complete wound healing is the ultimate goal, maintaining a palliative effect for a chronic wound may be acceptable.1 customers looking for wound care supplies seek products that are:

  • Easy to Use
  • Promote Healing
  • Durable

1. MEPILEX Foam Dressing

MEPILEX Wound Care Bandage

The MEPILEX Border Dressing received 4.5/5 Stars on making this dressing a Top 5 Wound Care product. The MEPILEX Border Dressing is a multi-purpose dressing designed to treat skin tears, blisters, or abrasions including leg, foot, or pressure ulcers. Mepilex is specially designed with a Safetac layer which helps prevent additional damage to the wound and limits pain during changes.  The Safetac layer acts as a barrier sealing the wounds edges keeping exudate from leaking onto healthy skin surrounding the wound. The durable dressing may be adjusted without concern for losing adherent qualities and depending on the status of the wound may remain intact for multiple days.

"Have used this on a few different wounds. It works well! It does not hurt surrounding skin to remove it."
- Review by nicurn from ann arbor, mi

"I am a diabetic with an open sore on my foot. I am using this product to reduce the chance of infection with its attendant problems. So far this product is promoting healing and I see myself using it to the end."
- Review by 49er Faithful from Aptos, CA

2. KERLIX Gauze

Kerlix Gauze Bandage

KERLIX Gauze Bandage is another top-rated wound care product. Kerlix gauze is notably easy to use and a multi-purpose bandage. Kerlix bandages may be used as a primary or secondary layer, for debridement, packing, prepping or cleansing. These gauze rolls are known for their soft comfort. Allegro customer’s frequently use the fluff dried 100% woven gauze Kerlix Gauze Bandage Rolls as a primary layer to dress a wound.

"Husband had necrotic toe removed and wanted to continue wraps that were done in the hospital. ONLY place I could get this great product. Far superior to drug store varieties and give peace of mind to my patient. Win - Win. The price was reasonable also. I am impressed with this vendor for all our home needs."
- Review by Catalicat from Cedarburg, WI

"I am in my 70's and have extremely thin skin which tears just by touching it and bleeds a lot. I can not use tape or sticky bandages because they tear the good skin. This gauze works for small and large places. Just wrap around over a non-stick pad and then cut and tie. When wound is better healed then I use it without stick pad. Wound needs air to heal and this provides that and protects it at the same time."
- Review by gretel14 from Fresno CA

3. Iodosorb Gel

Iodosorb Gel Dressings

Iodosorb Gel is a topical antimicrobial that inhibits the growth of bacteria. Designed to kill and debride wounds while absorbing exudate. Iodosorb gel received 4.5/5 stars from Allegro Medical customers. Recommendations for using Iodosorb gel include infected wounds, pressure sores, and diabetic and venous ulcers. Conveniently changes color to white when the gel should be changed. Iodosorb Gel is a moist dressing that promotes healthy healing. Consult your medical specialist prior to using Iodosorb Gel since it contains Iodine.

"My husband has a recurring skin ulcer due to poor circulation in his lower leg. His vascular specialist has used Iodosorb on him in the past and it does a superior job of drying the ulcer and promoting healing. And Allegro Medical's price can't be beat!"
- Review by Hawkeye from Hyannis, MA

"Iodosorb gel..has been recommended by many of the doctors we work with and after using it...its been effective and gets the job done..."
- Review by Partner from Edinburg, Texas

4. TheraHoney Gel Dressing

Therahoney Manuka Honey Gel

TheraHoney Gel Wound Dressing is gaining popularity because it contains medical grade Manuka Honey2, which has an antibacterial component and promotes the autolysis removal of dead tissue allowing healthy cells to thrive.3 TheraHoney maintains a moist healing environment for wounds with moderate to no drainage. Recommended for use on leg, pressure, diabetic ulcers, and surgical or trauma wounds while under the supervision of a healthcare specialist or for treatment of minor scrapes, cuts and burns.

5. Exam Gloves

Disposable Vinyl Exam Gloves

Although exam gloves don't treat a wound they provide infection control. Use exam gloves during dressing changes to provide caregivers protection from body fluids and to avoid infecting wounds. Medical gloves offer a barrier of protection between your hands and the wounds being treated. Medical exam gloves should never be reused, washed or shared between users. If you or patients are allergic to latex use a synthetic alternative such as vinyl or nitrile exam gloves.4

"Durability, sizing, comfort is great with this glove! Fingers are not cut too short as in others. Do not rip when you pull them on, and do not tear through easily during use. "
- Review by Partner from Edinburg, Texas

In Conclusion

Healing a wound, especially a decubitus ulcer requires quality products and commitment to treatment. Take a moment to read the inspirational Inspired Living: the Patty Kunze Story. Patty suffered from a Stage III sacral decubitus ulcer while recovering from a spinal cord injury. Rely on Allegro Medical to help with all the necessary medical supplies you need to maintain an independent and healthy life.