Wheelchair Storage on the Go!

If you or a loved one is in a wheelchair, you understand the need for storage on the go.  Having a safe, secure, and handy place to keep your keys, wallet, and other personal belongings is not just a matter of convenience but necessity.  Fortunately, a number of solutions and products are available that can be stylish as well as practical.

Allegro Medical has a large variety of ways for you to store your belongings.  Check out the Mobility Style Bag.  It can hang on the back or the side of your chair.


Mobility Style Bag


It is fully lined with plenty of pockets inside as well as four pockets on the outside.  It has a key ring inside to secure your car and house keys and is available in nine colors.



Another favorite is the Seat Pouch.  It goes right under your seat and between your legs for convenience and safety. This straps right onto your leg rests and is big enough to carry a large wallet and cell phone.Seat Pouch


Quickie BackPack

The Quickie Backpack can carry a large amount of your stuff and fits on the back of most chairs.





We also have specialized bags like the Oxygen Cylinder Holder, that fit right on

O2 Holder

the back of the chair and safely carries your oxygen with you.


Beverage Holder


Don’t forget your beverage!  The Ableware Wheelchair Cup Holder clamps onto any wheelchair and will hold a glass, can, or bottle.



Since 1997, Allegro Medical has provided home health and wellness supplies, equipment, and aids for daily living at reasonable prices. Rely on AllegroMedical.com for all your wheelchair accessories and medical supplies.